Misfit Wearables's Misfit Shine Activity Tracker

Misfit Wearables Demonstrates The Misfit Shine Activity Tracker

Misfit Wearables, the architect of the highlighted design Award Winning Misfit Shine Activity Tracker says, Misfit Shine is an elegant personal activity tracker that you can wear anywhere on your body and to any occasion. Set your daily activity goal <Cropped>

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From The Future by Ayhan Guneri

Ayhan Guneri Creates The From The Future Showroom, Retail

Ayhan Guneri, the project leader of the awarded project Showroom, Retail by Ayhan Guneri illustrates, Showroom : In the showroom, training shoes and sports equipment, which were manufactured with injection technology, are on show. The place, looks li <Cropped>

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Innocyfer-Design Your Coffee-Machine

In The Context of The Research Project Innocyfer The Technical University of Munich (tum), The Bsh-hausgeräte Gmbh and Hyve Are Looking For Your Ideas Regarding The Ideal Fully Automated Coffee Machine

In the context of the research project innocyfer the technical university of munich (tum), the bsh-hausgeräte gmbh and hyve are looking for your ideas regarding the ideal fully automated coffee machine..

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Food Packaging (fresh Salad) by Mirco Luzzi

Mirco Luzzi Designs The Insal'arte Food Packaging (fresh Salad)

Mirco Luzzi, the creative mind behind the award winning design Insal'Arte - Food packaging (Fresh Salad) by Mirco Luzzi spells out, The pack contains fresh salad. Every package shows the initial letter of the product which is inside of it (as fo <Cropped>

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Happening; New Interfaces; Exhibition:musical Landscapes and The Goddess by Makkuni Ranjit

Makkuni Ranjit Presents The Musical Landscapes and The Goddess Happening; New Interfaces; Exhibition

Makkuni Ranjit, the maker of the awarded work Happening; New Interfaces; Exhibition by Makkuni Ranjit spells out, The Musical Landscapes and the Goddesses of Music is an exhibition presenting advances in interactive art through an exploration of the <Cropped>

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Logo by Sunghoon Chung

Sunghoon Chung Reveals The Branding of Basketball Museum Logo

Sunghoon Chung, the creative mind behind the award winning project Branding of Basketball Museum - Logo by Sunghoon Chung explicates, This logo is for basketball museum. I think the important thing is historical feeling. I use hand print because it c <Cropped>

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Award Winning Marketplace On The Move Qr Code Sticker

Krungsri Auto Demonstrates The Marketplace On The Move Qr Code Sticker

Krungsri Auto, the author of the highlighted design Krungsri Auto's Marketplace on the Move QR Code Sticker explains, New way to sell your car everywhere! Only at www.krungsriautomarketplace.com where you can post to sell your car and we will pr <Cropped>

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Award Winning Mealbox Food Packaging

Musa Çelik/Tasarist Demonstrates The Mealbox Food Packaging

Musa Çelik / Tasarist, the architect of the award winning work Food packaging by Musa Çelik / Tasarist says, MealBox design is prepared with a aim of increasing after sale customer satisfaction. With its smart appearance, distinctive features and f <Cropped>

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Award Winning Calendar 2015 “town” Calendar

Katsumi Tamura Designs The Calendar 2015 “town” Calendar

Katsumi Tamura, the thinktank behind the highlighted design Calendar 2015 “Town” by Katsumi Tamura demonstrates, Town is a paper craft kit with parts that can be freely assembled into a calendar. Put together buildings in different forms and enjo <Cropped>

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Ezgi Yelekoglu & Altug Toprak's Orbits Board Game

Ezgi Yelekoglu & Altug Toprak Spotlights The Orbits Board Game

Ezgi Yelekoglu & Altug Toprak, the creative mind behind the award winning work board game:Orbits by Ezgi Yelekoglu & Altug Toprak illustrates, Orbits is a space inspired board game which aims to develop strategical thinking and hand-eye coord <Cropped>

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